20 Heartbreaking Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going To Break Up With You

Carol Fernandez
Carol Fernandez

1. He’s constantly too busy/tired to hang out. Whereas he used to meet you all the time, his presence has become almost non-existent now.

2. He has started to point out all your flaws. What he used to find so ‘cute’ about you has become something he dislikes.

3. His calls/texts have become distant or cease completely. He gives you one-word/short reply after you text him a whole chuck of paragraph.

4. He’s withdrawn. You no longer know what he’s thinking.

5. He doesn’t feel jealous of another guy giving you attention/asking you out. He may even be okay with it and encourages you to go for it.

6. Any mention of the future makes him uneasy. He avoids making plans with you.

7. He starts to emphasize how ‘different’ the both of you are. How your values and interests don’t align. How huge of an obstacle they pose.

8. He tells you he is very ‘stressed’ and needs time to think about the relationship.

9. He doesn’t offer to help you anymore. If you ask for his help, he tells you to be more ‘independent’ and not rely on him so much. Or he lists out a whole bunch of excuses as to why he’s busy.

10. When you ask him if he misses you, or when you tell him you miss him, he gets defensive and tells you that there is more to life than you and him. Or he replies in a patronizing manner of how he does, but you know he doesn’t.

11. He warns you about himself. He tells you he is not who you think he is, that he is a jerk, and he hurts everyone who cares for him. (Basically he tries to make you run away.)

12. He no longer compliments you. It may be a new haircut or a dress he usually likes on you. He doesn’t notice or care.

13. You find what he says contradicting. How can he be too ‘busy’ to hang out when he’s sleeping at home? How can he be ‘tired’ when he’s out having fun with his friends?

14. He wants to try for ‘one month’ and see if things can go back to normal. (Chances are it won’t.)

15. He tells you that this relationship is causing him ‘stress.’ He makes you think that you are a burden.

16. He admits that loving you feels more like an obligation and you deserve someone better. He says you are too ‘good’ for him.

17. He loses interest in you. He doesn’t care to ask about your day or anything about you. Even when you tell him, it’s obvious his heart is not in it.

18. He thinks you are both better off as friends.

19. When you want to give it another shot, he says he ‘tried’ and ‘failed.’

20. He tells you he doesn’t love you anymore and there’s nothing you do can change that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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