Read This When The Darkness In Your Life Makes You Forget About Your Dreams

Mitchell Orr

Have you ever looked at the night sky and been awed by what you see? All those stars make you smile like dizzy Christmas light displays or burning candles on a cold winter night. What’s so amazing about stars is that they are out there, millions of miles away, burning brightly, despite the cold, dark air around them. They burn effervescently, bringing light to those who need it, guiding those in search of a path.

Despite the darkness around them, stars shine bright.

Is there darkness in your own life? Do you feel trapped in a terrible situation or stuck in a cloudy storm and are you wondering when you are going to see the light?
Do you feel hopeless sometimes? Do you compare yourself to your peers and wonder why not me? why am I not making it? why not now?

If so, you can find your answer in the stars. When you look up at them, what do you see? Images, right? There are a billion stars out there, balls (they are bigger than the sun) of fuel burning in far-off galaxies and milky ways. If you look hard enough you can see several things. The Big Dipper. Orion’s Belt.

Your dreams.

And you’ll notice that some stars shine brighter than others. Scientifically, that is because of distance and age, but since we’re still speaking figuratively it may be because those stars are trying a little bit harder than the others. They are fusing together all their energy to shine just a little bit brighter than the stars around them — so they can guide someone, influence someone, bring someone peace.

We must learn to shine through the darkness in order to reach our peace.

It sounds preposterous, right? How the heck am I supposed to be happy when everything happening to me is just so bad?

Because what you radiate into the universe will ultimately return to you.

Even stars have to work hard for you to see them. Stars don’t actually twinkle – they actually “sparkle” because of Earth’s turbulent atmosphere. A star’s light has to pass through the atmosphere, which consists of many different layers of changing density. Through each layer, the light get deflected a bit which causes it to change in color and intensity. This is why when the light reaches your eyes it “twinkles” – or appears to shine brighter than it actually does.

Transfer that to your life. If you remain strong and continue to radiate goodness, even through the toughest times, even when you’ve failed five hundred times, even when you think nothing good is coming your way — you will appear to be “sparkling” too – and that energy will transform itself and make you brighter than you did when you remain down in the dark.

Smiling through the pain is toughening and inspiring – when you continue to shine you emerge stronger and more ready to challenge the world , to go after what you deserve. You are able to think more clearly to find ways to escape your problems.

You are now able to see through both the darkness and the day.

When you wake up each day pause, meditate, and pray. Be still for at least five minutes and remind yourself for all the things you can be grateful for. Tell the universe how you are grateful for the good even when you are amidst the bad. Worry less about things you can’t control and pray for guidance and peace in your heart.

Choose to be happy. Shine bright like a diamond.

Because someone or something will eventually see you’re light and bring you out of that darkness.

Repeat that and feel it in your soul.

Someone or something will eventually see you’re light and bring you out of that darkness.

Hold yourself and be strong through the storms, ladies. Shine bright, shine bright, shine bright! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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