Haters Will Continue To Hate, This Is How To Not Let Them Get To You

Caroline Veronez

Haters are going to hate. They are going to pop off at the mouth, say what they think, and do whatever they can to make you feel below yourself. They will get in your head, manipulate your mind and reflect their own self-conscious insecurities on you to keep you from achieving your goals.

They’re wretched. But you’ve got to love them.

Sometime the things that you’re haters will say will hurt you. They may talk about you physically. They may talk about your failures and attempt to predict your future. They will try to lay down crooked and cracked bricks in front of you and try to mask them as the yellow brick road. Sometimes they will even smile in your face during the good times – and disappear when things get tough.

Why do they do this? Because their sole mission is to bring you down. If they didn’t make it, no one else should. Misery loves company. But don’t let them be the company that you keep.

Because when they get you all up in your feelings and quick to retort they’ll have taken over the battleground. You’ll get angry and they’ll make you look crazy.

They will win when they make you look crazy – and you should never let your haters win.

Instead, kill them with kindness.

But they are coming at me, you say. I can’t let them make me look like a fool.

What anyone else says about you does not matter. But you should let them let you look like a fool – and here is why.

Whether you are caught up in a PR media nightmare, your co-workers are snickering behind your back about your dirty little secret, or your family is telling you that you’ll never achieve your dreams – don’t eat the bait of bullcrap. It’s crap meant to delude you and take you off your path. The mind is more powerful than any other muscle in your body. Instead you have to deflect the hateration by ignoring it, smiling through the pain, and focusing your energy on making it to the top. Let them feel beside themselves once you win.

This is why smiling at the negative is such a powerful tool. It’s so hard to do. It can be extremely painful. But it works.

When people are spreading the hate, dig deep inside to find the good. A great exercise is to look into the mirror and tell yourself all the positive things you appreciate about you. Tell yourself how much you love yourself and how much you are going to succeed because you’ve succeeded so much in the past. When you are able to build up your personal fortress and understand that you don’t live your life for anyone but you, you’ll find it much easier to laugh at the craziness and hateration that may surround you.

Smile at yourself and the haters. Seriously, the next time someone says something crazy just laugh! You will begin to see that in the grand scheme of life and all the real problems going on in the world (poverty, civil violence, subjugation, etc.) that the nonsense your haters have to say is simply that – trivial nonsense.

You shouldn’t care about what anyone has to say about you. I mean it. Do not care. Negativity will only tear away at your success. Your haters are not paying your bills, they are not getting you into grad school, they are not birthing your baby – they are doing a thing FOR YOU! So why should you care?

You have nothing nice to say to your haters so why say anything at all? Instead of wasting your time bathing in dark energy, refocus and center on you. Eliminate dream stealers from your life. If they aren’t “Team YOU” then get them out of your life!

If there’s negative stuff about you online, don’t read it! Stay away from nasty comments that can break your conscience and your path to move forward.
And when someone disrespects you in person – simply smile and walk away.

Why waste your precious words and presence on people that don’t deserve them?

Haters are silly people that will never succeed. They’ll twist and turn, bite at you until you make it. And then they’ll come knock, knock, knocking on your door the day you do. Trust me. It happens all the time. The people that loved to hate will be the first ones calling to congratulate. Now ain’t that funny? A huh, huh, huh, huh.

Don’t let your haters get to you. Give them a smile. It makes you more graceful and respected than you may realize. Mind your own. Ignore them. Don’t retort back. Silence is the best answer to a fool. Because when you’re haters begin to see that you’re focused on doing, they will have less to say, less to hate on, and you’ll end up being the big girl on top. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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