I’m Trying To Be Patient While Waiting For My Someday

Paz Arando

The sun is beginning to set and I watch the city blur in front of my eyes as I sit in the train along with dozens of strangers on their home. It may seem random, coming out of the blue when I don’t even know what triggered it, but I’m currently overcome with waves of missing you.

I know, I know. We haven’t met yet and I don’t even know whether our paths have crossed before. And because of these, you probably might be wondering why – why the sudden thought? Why am I missing someone I haven’t met yet?

Well, the truth is, I also don’t know.

I don’t know your face yet, I don’t even have an inkling what your name might be. I may not know who you are for now, but what I know is that you’re going to be someone I’d make memories with.

I always tell others that I’m in no rush, and in my heart, I am also convinced of that. But still, I couldn’t help but feel excited by the prospect of meeting you.

Sometimes, I find myself lying awake at night wondering what you’re doing, where you are in this world. If you’re also trying to live your life as best as you possibly could, if you’re doing your best to nurture yourself. If you, from time to time, in moments like this, find yourself thinking about me, too.

Do you also like books like me? Are you perhaps as unpredictable as I am or the exact opposite? Are you also looking forward to meet me?

A lot of questions always flood my curios mind. But don’t get me wrong. Like I said, I am not in a rush to meet you. In fact, I don’t want us to meet yet. At least not so soon. Because for now, we have to focus on ourselves first. We have to learn to live on our own before we start to embark on a journey with another. Let these years of not meeting each other yet be the years when we get to know ourselves more. Let these be our selfish years.

The time for us to reach our goals, one by one, on our own. The time to ignite the fire within us. The time to explore our boundaries and conquer our fears.

Let us make the most of these years by doing the things we have always wanted to do as well as trying out the things we are scared of doing. Let’s check our bucket lists and make new ones then do the same. Let’s travel the world like we’ve always dreamed of, let’s buy that wristwatch we’ve been having our eyes on, let’s go for that job interview we’ve been dreading. Let’s take risks then brave the fall.

Let these be years when we test ourselves on how far we can go and how well we could do.

In other words, let’s make a lot of memories – happy, sad, interesting, scary. Let’s make so much that when our paths finally cross, we’d have so much to tell to one another. And after a lot of catching up, taking each of our fills of one another’s escapades, then that will be the time when we finally decide to take one another’s hand and make new adventures, but this time, together.

After getting to know ourselves in a whole different level that will be the time for us to explore another – one who is different yet so similar with us at the same time. That would be the time when we decide that we’ve finally had enough of our shares of individual exploits and venture out with someone else.

Oh how exciting it is that someday, you will have someone to take on new adventures with.

How wonderful it would feel to have someone, someday, who would make you feel happy and secured when all the while you thought you were fine on your own.

How amazing it would be, someday, to have someone to make your life more meaningful and much more colorful.

But no matter how pleasing that ‘someday’ may seem to be, that someday still isn’t now. It’s still not time.

I’ve said this a hundred times and I’m saying this once more, I am a firm believer of things happening when the time is just right. I have always believed that beautiful things unfold at the right time. And that faith applies to us as well.

We will meet, not now, but someday.
We will meet when fate has decided that we’re both ready, when we’re both lit enough to acknowledge our own capabilities as well as grown enough to handle each other’s embers.

Someday, I will find you.
Someday, the red string attached to our fingers will bring us closer together and we will meet. But for now, we just have to wait. And though we still haven’t met yet, though I have rare solitary moments like this, I find comfort in the thought that someday, I will be with you. That someday, instead of just imagining you, you will actually be with me holding my hand as we head home.


We will meet just at the right time.


We will meet when fate decides us to.


We will meet and it will be beautiful.

Someday – it’s a promise.

We just need to be patient. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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