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I only drink black covfefe

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All The Things I Should Have Said To You

I’m sorry for so much. I’m sorry for the lies. I’m sorry for trying to escape reality when I was with you. I’m sorry for the petty fights. I’m sorry for not appreciating the moments more with you. I’m just… sorry. I lost myself in a way where I had no clue who I was anymore.

I Want To Love All Of You

But I don’t want something reasonable, or rational, or well thought-out. I know you aren’t the lucid, practical choice, but you’re what I want.

The 5 People That Make Me Upset At The World

1. People who claim they are physical trainers, when they obviously aren’t Sorry man, but please don’t tell me that you workout every day, that you are on a strict regiment and that you just got done with a total…