It’s Not A Mistake If You Love Someone Too Hard

Andrew Robles

You probably think it’s all about you. You probably think you did something wrong with him and with the relationship, making him lose interest in you and dump you for no reason.

It leaves you with scars that make you scared of falling in love again. It hurts you in a way that you can’t describe because you’ve put so much effort into this relationship but the result is none. All hopes and dreams that you had were crashed by one simple sentence, “I’m not in love with you anymore.”

You started questioning yourself if you’re not enough, if you’re not worthy to fight for. He told you that your love was suffocating or maybe even clingy. And he probably told you that you’re not the girl that he can say “I love you” to.

It crushed your heart into pieces but you still wanted him just like he wanted you so badly when he met you for the first time. You probably think that you’re just stupid enough to keep diving into this relationship even though you could feel that he’s not someone that you knew before.

But your love for him is too big. You care about him unconditionally. And you will always do even though he broke your heart terribly and let you pick up all the pieces all alone. You still believe that he’s not that kind of person, who can easily break people’s heart and leave them empty.

You might think how dumb you are to still care about him with all empty hopes and dreams. You might think how pathetic you are to love someone that doesn’t even love you back.

You are not. You’re not dumb or pathetic to never be running out of love. You are incredibly amazing to be able to love the ugliest part of people, even if they use it to against you. You always have a big heart to see the best in the worst. And that what makes you indescribably beautiful.

You probably see yourself as a weak-hearted girl who always needs love from someone else in order to make you strong. But it’s all wrong. You are the definition of love itself. You are full of love and that makes you always go extra miles to make people feel loved.

Some people are just not ready to receive your love because it’s like incredibly big and genuine, and they get scared of that because it’s something new, something big that they don’t usually receive in today’s society. And maybe he’s just not ready for your love.

But you know better. You know that love is a gift that you need to share it because that’s what you do with precious things.

So never stop loving too hard because love is you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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