5 Ways Your Dog Proves To Be A Better Companion Than Your Ex Especially After A Breakup

Only in cartoons do bricks just fall out of the sky and land on you, right? Not during breakups, when it feels like a weight landed on your chest and is stuck there for the moment, defying all rules of gravity. As you hold back tears in public, feeling your throat tightening up, and change every love song on the radio, you struggle through the day to put on the appearance that you’re okay when you’re really not.

But there is one exception to that façade that you just can’t deny, as hard as you may try. It is those deep puppy eyes looking up at you. After a break up, many things might become clearer, like you ignored all of the red flags staring you right in the face or that there was never a future even when you wanted to think otherwise; but the one thing that becomes crystal freaking clear is that the dog looking up at you was and is a better companion than your ex ever was to you.

1. He’ll always be there.

There are usually plenty of nights where your SO isn’t there for you when you’re upset; those just so happen to be the nights usually followed by fights the next day. Coincidence? No. But it’s not always your boyfriend or girlfriend wiping away your tears, especially during a break up; it’s your dog. Yes, it may be that he’s just trying to lick up the salt in your tears or is confused by the sound of you crying, but regardless, when you’re breaking down, it’s almost impossible not to shed the slightest bit of a smile while your furry friend is right there with you, licking away your sorrows.

2. He’ll always listen.

You could be ranting over your angers, raving over something you’re excited about, or just making a comment about a movie; and at no point will your dog ignore you…well, at least if you’re holding a cookie. Your ex may have been too busy for you or too distracted by Netflix to listen, but when your dog’s goal for the day is to squeeze as many belly rubs out of you as possible, he’s all ears, giving you an undivided attention with which no ex of yours could ever compete.

3. He’ll always say the right thing.

And as you rant, rave, or cry, you’ll never have to struggle for a response. No one word text responses or blank confused stares that should have an overhead thought bubble with just an ellipsis in it. Whether he’s giving you his paw, a slobbery kiss, his favorite toy, or just a warm snuggle, your dog never makes you work hard to get a response or get him to care with his whole heart.

4. He’ll always have time for you.

Competing with your SO’s friends and other commitments can get exhausting, especially if you’re rarely made a priority. But when it comes to your dog, you’re his number one priority every moment in the day, except maybe when he sees a squirrel. After all, you’re the one taking him out and feeding him; in his eyes, you’re his entire world, a feeling that no ex has successfully been able to give you.

5. He’ll always love you

It’s one of the most painful things to hear someone you care about tell you that their feelings for you are gone or that they don’t want to be with you. Whether they mean it or not, having to hear those words uttered out of their mouth is when that brick seems to hit you like an Anvil would hit the Road Runner. But no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you’ll feel the warmth of that furry body curl up on your leg just so he can be next to you, because his love, unlike any ex’s, is unconditional.

How can you look back into that puppy dog stare and not smile? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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