What I Learned From Falling For You


I never thought that I could fall so fast for someone; you were that exception. I wanted to believe that you felt the same way, but in the end you didn’t. But that’s okay, because you finally taught me something about all the guys that have left before.

I learned that though I cannot handle people who lie to me, I still trust people too easily and tell them too much too early. I need to slow down and get to know the person I am with before I start telling them my life story. I think I thought by me telling them these things, I was letting them get to know the real me; whereas actually, I was telling them things that I should only tell someone who has earned my trust.

I learned that I need to walk before I run. I hate to say it, but my mom was right. You need to make a guy wait before you sleep with him. I always jump into bed too fast, and then become unsure of if we are together because they like the sex or because they actually like me. Then in the end, I have always felt stupid for thinking it was anything more.

But finally, I learned that no matter how much I want something to work, if he really felt something for me then I would know. There would be no second-guessing, no waiting by the phone, and no wondering if we are still seeing other people.

Dating in our twenties is a hard thing—especially in 2017—but it doesn’t mean that we should give up what we deserve and settle for less. Because the truth is, if it is something real, you will know. They will show you with their actions.

So wait for that person to meet you in the middle. Don’t carry your heart on your sleeve, but don’t close yourself off either, because maybe the person you have been looking for is closer than you know.

Because, hey, you never know, right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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