A Reminder To The Girl Who Was Lost And Scared And Acted Out Because Of It

when you're not lost and scared anymore
Allef Vinicius

Just because they make noise to disrupt your peace,

Doesn’t mean you have to fight back the same way

It doesn’t mean you have to be the loudest.

It just means they haven’t quite figured out how to be kind and gentle yet –

Their lack of humanity isn’t invitation to do the same.

Rise above.

You can be you –

You can be calm and gentle,

And still be heard.

Wonder how you can speak kindly

Without patronizing others.

Wonder how you can stand proudly

Without shaking with fear.

Question if you speak for the truth

Or simply to distinguish the lies.

Know your intentions,

And always speak from the heart –

But never from a place that purposely harms others,

Because you can be honest, not back down, and get your needs met,

Without yelling back.

Be bold,

Stand up for yourself.

Be compassionate,

Forgive yourself –

You are only human after all.

Now we know better,

Now we are stronger and wiser,

And we will no longer make noise out of vain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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