Remember: Accountability Starts With You

Cassidy Phillips

Every action has a reaction. We can only control our actions and reactions because everything else is noise. Our ability to control our response lies within our ability to take accountability. Accountability means owning up to your shit, accepting it and make it right. It means being humble when you’re wrong and using the lesson you’ve learned to make you a better person. It means not letting your bruised ego get in the way of moving forward. It has a place in all parts of life. If you are unable to take responsibility for your actions in your personal life, it won’t translate into your work life. It works both ways, and accountability leads by example.

Accountability is the defining factor between a mature and an immature person. A mature person is able to recognize they were wrong and take responsibility for their respective choices. Being aware of the implications of your actions implies you acknowledge empathy. It shows you have the capacity for compassion, and the ability to understand human emotions on a deeper level. A different perspective. An immature person is unable to see their mistakes as wrong. It’s impossible to take accountability when you don’t see your actions as wrong.

Avoidance is easy, especially if you are wrong. It takes courage to admit you are wrong. Accountability is an emotional response. We act when we feel threatened when our comfort zone is being compromised. Our immediate response is to lie or belittle whatever situation we’re facing in an attempt to guard our hearts and mind. Our emotional defense mechanism always guards our heart and mind. If tarnished, it can leave behind lasting damage. Be mindful of enabling. It is the emotional equivalent of relapsing because it undoes all the progress you’ve made. It happens slowly and then all at once. You don’t get a moment to withdraw yourself because you’re already in the thick of it. You’re invested. Selective accountability is the bridge to enabling.

Accountability is not a one time change. You cannot have higher expectations for others then you have for yourself. It’s irrational and impractical. Accountability starts with you. TC mark


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