10 Ways To Just Be Better

Let Me Explain
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain


There isn’t room for idols.

The next Kanye isn’t out there worshipping Kanye. He’s the person who thinks he’s the real Kanye.

Sometimes rebellion works.


Of course, the opposite is true as well.

Respect is crucial because without paying respect you’re letting your emotions get ahead of your talent. How can you succeed without paying dues, or at least paying attention? School may be borderline worthless but actual learning? Knowledge and talent, taken and applied? Priceless.

Take it where you can.


You have to be yourself, but you have to find who that self is.

That’s a mix between two philosophies. You have to try on the aspirational success and experiences you want to whittle out the self of you that will wear them. What works will be obvious and what doesn’t will be too.

Don’t ever feel like you have to do something. All you have to do is try it. You can’t pick your life; life picks you like a wand chooses its wizard.


Open up your vision.

Your obsessions and focuses have to align with your energy and skills. Otherwise it’s like trying to force a peg in the wrong place.

What are you trying to do? If it’s coming easily, see if it fits you. If it’s coming hard, see if there’s an easier way to get the end result done. Sometimes we can get caught in rhythms and patterns that feel easier but are, in fact, harder than exploring a new route for ourselves.

A larger view of your life may reveal paths and put into context and perspective your more solvable problems.


You should probably listen to a lot of Drake.

I can’t promise this will help you, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that 50 milligrams of Drake a day will enhance your life.


Do what you want.

I don’t mean mindless nihilism or selfishness because, deep down, I don’t think that’s really what you want. The same way your body doesn’t really want chicken nuggets every day, your soul doesn’t really want to be selfish and cruel either.

Bodies and souls have a natural balance. Encourage and empower yourself to find it. Your wants and instincts are a much better barometer for who you are and what you should do than, say, internet marketing campaigns designed to provoke.


Be mindful of yourself, your time, and your energy and use it better.

When you start to pay attention to anything, be it sleep, nutrition, finances or love, your focus improves as do your results. Mindfulness takes practice to cultivate but it creates permanent gains.


Remember that, push comes to shove, you don’t even have to try that hard because you’re always getting better and what does getting better even mean, you know?

You knowwwwwww?



Sometimes it’s easy to get better and sometimes it’s hard. Always, always, go for the easy. Do the hard ones too but if all your improvement needs is consideration, go for it.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember or consider improvement, but if the step itself is simple, it’s worth pursuing.


Ask for help.

Nothing helps quite like help. If you can’t get something done as is, make it easier. Change the rules and bend them. Find the methods that enhance you and if they come externally, through education or a hand or even an ear, go for it.

People like to help, and sometimes the smart and brave thing to do is to accept that for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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