5 Things That Matter More Than Your Weight

As ladies, we tend to fixate on our body and our weight. I certainly spent most of high school and the beginning of college more concerned with what my body looked like than anything else, including getting into college. With the media’s focus on skinny celebrities and negative body image, we are trained to obsess over how thin or fat we are, how big our thighs are and how we look compared to so-and-so. But what we rarely take into consideration are our best qualities. Which is why I’ve made a list here of five things that every woman should spend her time thinking about.

1. Confidence.

Everyone wants to lose weight at some point, and that’s okay, but it is so important to be confident. If you’re strong and comfortable in your body, you are going to be 100 percent more attractive than if you had a thigh gap.

2. Love.

Your body and your life. Your friends, your family. Love life and living. If you love your life, if you’re happy with yourself, your accomplishments and your decisions, then you will realize there is no time for sadness and insecurities about your body. Try this: write down a positive quality about yourself every day. You will be surprised how satisfied you are with what your traits.

3. Character.

The person you spend your life molding and building is the person you need to flaunt. People will ultimately judge you for what you say, not what you look like. If you build yourself up to be strong and have charisma and positive energy, you will light up a room. If you are intelligent and have smart things to say, people will be more impressed than if you weighed fifteen pounds less. The hottest qualities in a girl are intellect and strength. Instead of looking at peoples’ bodies in magazines, read about what they do in the world. Read about accomplishments and personalities. Write down the qualities that are most important to you, and try to adopt them.

4. Passion.

Do things that you love everyday. If you find yourself feeling insecure, take your mind off of it by doing something that makes you smile. Always make time to do things for yourself.

5. Positivity.

It is important to be in shape and be comfortable in your body. And it’s possible to do this without bringing yourself down or beating yourself up about it. Be optimistic and know that your weight is temporary. Always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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