Everyone’s Talkin’ Bout Movies! Why Can’t I? I Can. Let’s Do This.

Blue Valentine

I saw this other day. I loved Ryan Gosling in it. He was so funny and handsome. I would not break up with him EVER. While I didn’t like this movie as much as I thought I would, I did like it and I do appreciate how realistic it was in the sense that sometimes love isn’t all we need and sometimes it does not in fact make the world go ‘round. Sometimes we can love so great, at first sight, and everything every love song that has ever been written we feel it to the bone. It just doesn’t mean we feel it forever. I can relate to that and I’m glad someone made a movie about it. The weird thing about Blue Valentine is that I laughed more than I cried (I didn’t cry at all).


Pretty and boring. I don’t like precocious children. How did that kid know how to make mac and cheese better than me? Like come on. You’re nine. Use Kraft.

Black Swan

This movie was like a great big doody ball covered in beautiful Rodarte feathers and sequins. I really love Darren Aronofsky movies but this one really fell short. People say it was scary but I felt no fear. I was waiting for the fear to be brought and it never happened. Also, it was so corny. I mean, underneath it all, SHE WAS THE BLACK SWAN. OOOOOH (snooze). The best part was every scene with Mila Kunis.


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  • brononymouse

    not sure I get the joke of the headline……. or any of the jokes rly. seems 'pointless'
    thnx for giving away the end to black swan tho

    • Hyacinthe

      Oh, please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bee-Goode/100001676566533 Bee Goode

    black swan was awesome. better than the wrestler.

  • http://heheheheheheheeheheheehehe.com/ tao

    sweet 'round up'

    i liked mark ruffalo in 'the kids are alright'

  • http://twitter.com/rislynsey christopher lynsey

    “The Fighter” is good. Maybe my favorite movie of 2010.

  • Hipercee

    fighter was good, watch out for uncontrollable arm spams during the fight scenes. and afterwards some individuals will be unconsciously dropping their “r's”

  • Hugh Lilly

    “every indie boys older lady boner inducer.” hahaha, so true

    • Zara

      i have the biggest girl crush on catherine keener, she rules! 

  • http://twitter.com/brownnnbear Jocelyn

    Coen* not Cohen.

  • http://twitter.com/JosephErnest Joseph Ernest Harper

    I liked Somewhere. Except the end. Like the very end. You know what I mean.

    • Hugh Lilly

      pfft the ending is good! just like the whisper in LiT

      • http://twitter.com/JosephErnest Joseph Ernest Harper

        Laughed big as at this. Then was like, 'hope it's a joke'.

        Guess that's what you get when you use yr husband instead of MBV to cut costs.

        Kind of feel like SoCo only married that dude from Feenix cos she couldn't snag a member of the Strokes right?


    True Grit is worth it just for Matt Damon's mustache. Also it isn't boring at all!

  • http://twitter.com/jewelstwts ashlee jewel

    that catfish trailer just changed my life. whoa

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