Everyone’s Talkin’ Bout Movies! Why Can’t I? I Can. Let’s Do This.

Please Give

This was my favorite movie this year. I always have loved Nicole Holofcener movies but I didn’t realize they were Nicole Holofcener until my very smart and pretty roommate schooled me, because she’s a major fan. I watched this movie twice in a row actually. Like all the others, this one stars Catherine Keener, who is every indie boys older lady boner inducer. Oliver Platt, while isn’t an ideal husband always, is very loveable and funny and real. Nicole knows how to make her characters talk that is always so honest, funny, and sad. Her movies are so down played and never really peak in the way that most Hollywood movies do, so it sometimes feels like you’re just watching someone else’s life (but with much funnier dialogue).

Tiny Furniture

I also really enjoyed this movie and it’s pretty cool that the writer/director Lena Dunham is so young. This movie is getting a lot of hype. When I was her age I was not thinking about making movies, I was thinking about how to get free drinks and convince dudes to date me. I had it all wrong. It seems like Lena Dunham actually watched a lot of Nicole Holofcener movies (another observation from my intelligent roomie) and then made a movie. So again, that’s how amazing Nicole Holofcener is. I had some good laughs during this movie and I enjoyed watching Lena as a real girl with a real body look so confident. Refreshing!

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