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Tips For Surviving A Summer Music Festival (Particularly Pitchfork)

Pitchfork Music Festival is smack dab in the middle of the summer festival season. After spending half a hot season sweatin’ it out to black metal, sissy bounce, and indie pop at street fests, one comes to accumulate a list of what to prepare for during the bigger festivals such as Pitchfork. Here are a handful of survival tips.

Surviving A Candy Convention

There’s the fantasy I’ve had about candy conventions, one I suppose many folks my age have dreamed up, too. It’s a mixture of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (yes, the movie and not the book) and a Simpsons episode that sees Homer and Marge attend a candy industry gathering.

The Most Disappointing Thing About The New TV On The Radio Album

Well, this isn’t about Nine Types of Light. Sort of. This is actually about the Nine Types of Light film, which the band packaged with the new album. It’s a visual companion to the record that fans could purchase as part of a deluxe edition of the new collection, or simply watch on YouTube the day the record officially dropped.