5 Things That Attractive People Should Understand About Their Unattractive Counterparts

Now I know I’m going to get a lot of shut for this but there this has been something I’ve been fond of for about all of my life. I’ve grown to understand many things about people and I’m no psychologist or therapist but I’m human and that’s all the credit I need. I’ve grown to understand that we are a race ( and I am referring to the human race) of people who are so preferential about material and malleable things but when it comes to things that matter, we are simple and justly creatures living out lives in the in between of things. We have our meticulous attractions and our un-attractions, and for this specifically one might say it is nothing but an idea but they are wrong. I’m here to feed some of that idea with common knowledge.

1. We, the unattractives will only be the butt of your jokes and games we will always be placed on the back burner and at the back of your long line or list of attractives. We will never be worth anything long term. We  will be fortunate to even have about ten minutes of your time.

2. We are constantly lied to, told that we are in fact attractive, and that there is someone out there that would want us but let’s face it THERES IS SUCH THING AS UNATTRACTIVE OR ATTRACTIVE, and in that moment you have shown the unattractive one of two things, that you are a liar along side of not being trustworthy, and to be real , two unattractive people no matter how supposed or plausible it seems cannot see eye to eye when it comes to being together on the level that we want to be with the attractives, this always makes number one true, strangely unattractive people want to be with attractive people and… you get the point, which brings me to número trois

3. Let me clarify that I’m not talking about ugly, the term ugly deals with character and personality mostly. With that being said attractiveness ranges solely on the outside physical amenities rather than the outside, your physical appearance puts you in some sort of class structure and you are bound to that for life. I am a male who is about 5’5 so that already says a lot about me. Personally, I’ve found that most women prefer a more masculine looking man, one who is on the taller side than a short man, same scenario even in the homosexual desires. Not saying I am incapable of being masculine, but Im guessing that theres this protecting ability that doesn’t seem to live in someone of a small structure, but this is just one of my little offsets, I have many more.

4. We are jealous yet modest people, most times we go on Twitter and Instagram and we do not react to you, complaining about your disadvantages because in a way we kind of appreciate when things go wrong in your lives, sad but true. We unattractives from the time we can recognize and understand an insult are torn to pieces from the ridicule that follows us into adulthood, they say that people change once they are older but that is not true. I’ve grown to believe as well that people have personalities and little nuances instilled in them from birth and it is what it is, so I’m speaking about and to all of us as a whole when I say that in those moments when we are being preferential that’s that part of us showing itself, we should be aware of that.

5. Lastly, no one is saying to go out and date or even be attractive to an unattractive or to someone you find unattractive there’s no point in that but if you ever have a chance to speak with one of the members of the estranged lower class looking individuals you will understand more about hurt, pain, insecurity, and unacceptance than you’ve imagined. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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