Women Can’t Be Trusted

It’s not that I hate women, it’s that I kind of don’t trust them. Now hold on ladies, before your cute little lace panties get into a bunch. I fully understand that prefacing the following words with, “I’m not a misogynist” holds about the same amount of water as saying, “I’m not racist, I have a black friend” does, however, I’m not a misogynist…. Well, not all the time anyway.

In the order of importance there is nothing more substantial than love. Nothing in this life is more significant than being loved and supported by another human being unconditionally. It is possible that the reason why this is, is because love is something so far beyond our control yet seemingly in our palm. An interaction that manifests itself into a relationship, and then transcends itself into love is unique and powerful. It is all consuming and every bit as crippling as a thirty-story fall. Despite how important love is, we have absolutely no control over it. Humans have as much control over who they love as they do over the weather. The truth is there is only one thing in our control; there is only one thing in this world that we have absolute power over and that is how we choose to respond to the events that are hurled at us as we tumble through life.

No, I don’t trust women because I can’t control them. I can love them, I can support them, and I can embrace their every imperfection but I cannot expect reciprocation. I cannot trust that they will be there the way that men in my life have been. I cannot trust that any woman without a shared name would sacrifice in the way I consider necessary. Human beings are incredibly selfish creatures and women make up the majority of our race. That is not to say that all women are selfish and incapable of truly altruistic actions, just that in my 11,555 days, 46 states and 19 countries I haven’t seen anything that resembles an even split.

It is an enigma really. As if the old bearded guy in the clouds decided to forever torment us after casting our disregarding ancestors from the garden. Walk forth with the ability to care more about another creature than you do about yourself, but without the security or knowledge that that gift will be mutual. Love unconditionally and hope for the same in return. Love, despite the promise of an everlasting union, tends to be a very fickle and fleeting emotion. The words, “I will do anything for you” are accurate; yet seem in many cases to be a byproduct of an acute hormonal camouflage. That’s the rub though, isn’t it!? Were we not designed physiologically to experience love, lust, and chocolate with the same synapsis? Differentiation is well beyond the capability of the bulk of humanity and in turn we burn the pure intentions of others with the flames of our previous mis-encounters. What a perfect irony love is, we burn bridges built from beams of trust and understanding because we have been misunderstood and mistrusted in the past.

I don’t trust women because they have the capacity to destroy me the way no bullet ever could. I don’t trust women because they tend to make me weak while all the while giving me a false sense of strength. I don’t trust women because I haven’t found the right one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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