I Wonder If Anyone Will Ever Know You Like I Do

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Your pen moves faster
than the seconds of time,
You twitch your mouth from deep thought in the way that ,
I have come to know and predict so well.
And I wonder,
Will anyone else,
know that twitch the way that I do?

The gray stripes on your linen shirt
Mimic the lines that have been furiously scribbled on your page,
And I know in that moment,
That you probably bought it
for that exact reason.
And as you reach for your coffee,
Black the way you always like it,
I know you will move the straw out of the way,
Drinking straight from the rim because you’ve always said
You don’t like feeling constricted.
And I wonder,
Will anyone else,
know your thoughts the way that I do?

And I am sure that when I reach over,
And kiss the corners of your mouth,
it will be bittersweet,
A combination of your drink and the taste of your lips
And I wonder,
Will anyone else,
know that taste the way that I do? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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