To The Boys I Will Fall In Love With

Flickr / Paul Sullivan
Flickr / Paul Sullivan

We, girls, are emotional beings. Our struggles that our foolish hearts reign over these knowledgeable minds. We are, indeed, fragile creatures, set to love and serve someone, someday.

When we’re in love, we (most of us), seek to please the person we love: we’ll dress the way you like, talk the way you want, make poems and songs for you, even change ourselves for your sake, to the point that we’ll do everything you’ll ask for. Because what? Because we “love.” It’s like a different dimension to a lady to feel loved and to love someone. We were like a piece of the puzzle that found its way to the whole thing. We are a piece of bone from a man’s rib cage; that longs to be back home.

Genesis 2: 22- 24, we were called “woman” because we’re taken from the rib of the man; bone from his bone, and flesh from his flesh. We, therefore, are destined to belong to a man; to be united with him.

We are made for someone who is God’s will for us. We might say that our whole being does not literally seek for you, but these hearts of ours do, almost every single day.

This longing, should be satisfied with God’s love first, and should be fulfilled at the right time. It’s a thirst that if met at the wrong time, will poison us. We still need the caring of our father, in order to be mature enough to satisfy your needs. Women, who are followers of God, still have this emotional struggle, but we yearn to overcome the dictates of our hearts by guarding it.

So, please help us protect our hearts. Please don’t destroy us. Don’t use our struggle to win us for your own sake. A rib only fits perfectly to a specific rib cage. If it’s not the right one, it will harm both the former, and the latter. Even if they were the right pieces, at the wrong time, they will just crumble. Premature bones are very weak. Premature relationships often lead to destruction and disgrace. Let’s not destroy each other’s hope of the future that God set for us. Let’s reserve ourselves for the right person that God wants us to encounter at the right time. The longing will be really hard, the state of being thirsty is not easy; containing the thirst won’t be then. But we need to be patient! Something worth it can’t be attained easily. Love, is undeniably, worth it.

Love, is the greatest gift of God to mankind. God is love. He demonstrated His love through Jesus. Jesus sacrificed for us. Love is sacrifice. Love is sacrificed.


We, girls, will be a wife someday, that will fulfill a man’s expectations. Someday, we’ll make someone proud and happy (well, besides our parents and siblings). But, that’ll happen SOMEDAY, so please, just wait for that day. Don’t rush.

P.S. You’re a mystery to us. Please stay being a mystery for the time being. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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