We Are All Mutual Liars

Why do we lie or fake things? Well, here’s a list of reasons that you might think of:

1. Fake products are cheap. Pirating acquires fake products with almost the same quality with the original one, and take note, the former are way cheaper than the latter.

2. Escape from punishment. For example: you always tell your mom that you spent your allowance in a project even though you didn’t, because, if she’ll ever know where that money went, you’ll be doomed on a decade long speech, or worse, you’ll get grounded.

3. Effective way to hide something. Through lying, we also keep our secrets safe.

“I love you.”

“Really?” she blushed.

“I really love you,” says he who’s crazily wanting to get the girl’s attention so that he can hire her for networking.

4. Secrets are secrets, and yes, lies are their devoted guardians.

In order to protects someone important to us. In accordance to the reason mensioned, we called such lies, “white lies”. We simply prevent someone from seeing the truth because the truth will cause him/ her pain, or, we lie to others so that the person we treasure won’t be punished or subjected to pain.

Lies, then, are good instruments people use, to cover up harsh realities, to make things easier, and to “protect” others. We simply avoid the hard way. We want everything easy and smooth. Lies became our lovely pretentious masks that we wear to conceal the inside. Too lovely that we forgot that people consequently lie to us. It is not like you’re a lone liar. You are also a victim of deception.

Yet, we don’t want to be deceived, nobody wanted. Nobody wants others to copy his/her own work without permission so that they can sell it for cheap. Nobody wants their child whom they trust, to deceive them and waste the money they worked hard for, for nothing. Nobody wants to believe in a proposal of love, only to know that it’s just a proposal of business. Nobody that you treasure, who treasure you back, will want you to lie for their sake, except when they’re just using you, and do you honestly believe that you give importance to a person if you can lie to him/ her?

It might make life easy for yourself, but, lies only cause pain, either to the people around us or to ourselves. We even fake our own tears and smiles, yet, fake tears brings pain to the people who cares for us, and fake smiles brings pain to one’s self.

There are lots of reasons why we lie, it’s a powerful weapon we use in life after all, only to remember that it’s a double-edged kind of weapon: people reciprocally lies to us. We became a world full of liars, separating our real selves from all those around us.

What a distorted world to live in, right? Why not experiment the other way around? Lies are already too mainstream after all. Take that mask off for a moment, dear.

“So stop telling lies. Let us tell our neighbours the truth, for we are all parts of the same body.” Ephesians 4:25 NLT Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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