You May Hate Me, But You Deserve Better

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Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho / Unsplash

I hope he has the courage to tell you the whole truth one day.

But more importantly, I hope that you have the courage to move on.

I know that it’s easy to fall back into the same patterns, same routines, I know that there’s history there. But I also know all the things he hasn’t told you about the last year and a half.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been waking up beside him.

I apologize.

You probably feel a lot of hate and disgust for me.

I’m sorry that he didn’t just tell you.

I’m sorry that when I came to you in the very beginning of it all, you refused to believe that he could do any wrong.

He did a lot of wrong.

Nevertheless, he is my best friend. He is the person I’d travel the galaxies with. Sadly, finding that out meant all three of us had to go through some of the most painful days of our lives.

I hope that in time, you’ll understand that I’m not the villain in this story. I hope that in time, you’ll understand that all things come to an end for a reason. I hope that you’ll find the courage to move on from the one that hurt you, and that you’ll find someone who will love you without question.

I hope that you’ll heal and that you’ll find that time can heal most anything.

Because even though we may not get along, and even though my blood may still boil when your name is mentioned, you deserve a life of happiness and flowers and late nights with someone who’s good to you.

Someone that you can trust, fully.

Someone that you can love, without fear of them hurting you.

Someone you can be with forever and ever, no questions asked.

I hope that one day he’ll have the courage to tell you nothing but the whole truth.

But more importantly, I hope that you have the courage to move on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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