She Hoped That In An Alternate Reality, They Could Be Love

grayscale photo of man and woman kissing each other
zelle duda / Unsplash

In a perfect movie, the very first glance would’ve been enough to sweep her off her feet and whisk her away into a fairytale romance. But life isn’t a perfect movie, nor did she expect it to be. In fact, it wasn’t until the second time around with a first-glance-feeling that she felt that dizzy rush of emotions.

It was like she dove headfirst into his eyes, only to be met with galaxies and stars she had never seen before. Twirling, hair floating out around her, she watched as snippets of memories she hadn’t made yet were formed out of the vast darkness. They flew past her, each one more vivid than the last.

There she was running through the sand towards an ocean lit by an early sunrise, arms stretched out as wide as her smile, her hair floating in the saltwater breeze.

There she was on a tire swing, laughing as she soared the air, smiling as she came back down.

There she was, over and over again, as if she was watching her life from someone else’s perspective.

She blinked, and reality came crashing down around her.

There she was, staring at an untouched waffle and a full glass of orange juice, sitting beside her date, and wishing she knew more about the boy across the table.

Is he smart? Is he funny? Is he more than the stories she had heard about him? Is he the type to collect passport stamps? Is he the kind of guy that you could write pretty poetry about? She had no idea.

All that she knew was that she wanted to kiss him in far away places. Once on every continent, twice every time it rained, three times for every ocean, river, lake, or stream they would come across.

She barely knew him, aside from the stigma that surrounded his name, but she hoped that in an alternate reality, they could be in love. That somewhere, somehow, she could be that lucky. She hoped that in another time and place, they were dancing through their house like children, eating enough junk food to make them sick, and that she and the boy across the table were happy together, just like how the stars had intended. TC mark

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