Depression Looks Okay On You

woman looking through window blinds
Cosmic Timetraveler / Unsplash

To the ones who picked their best-looking shade of depression off a hanger this morning and wore it all day with their favorite socks, I salute you.

You are absolutely stunning in that shade, for one, and just as stunning when you wear your smile like a soldier. I won’t play dumb, I know that sometimes your smile is fake. I think we all do. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t f*cking stellar. The subtle sparkle in your eye when your friends bring up your favorite things, that’s pretty nice too. Your outfits are always so put together in a messy-yet-amazing way, and your hair looks really nice all the time, I’m jealous. You are absolutely to die for. Oh, and lets not forget that little smirk you do when you’re trying not to laugh, it single-handedly reminds everyone of how much they love you.

But you’re at war with yourself right now, I know. Those moments of genuine happiness I spend with you are the best, but I love the moments when you’re down and a little grumpy just the same. I’m proud of you for not giving up, for painting a smile on your face and getting out of bed so that the world can see you. I understand that it’s tough some days to even stand on your own two feet, I get that sometimes all you want to do is stay in and eat junk food and watch Netflix. All of that is good too, I’m so down to join you! The point is that even when you feel like you’re the most boring, lame, sad person in the world, your friends will still love you just like I do. We’ll embrace all of the hard times just like we embrace the good ones, and that’s a promise.

No matter what shade of depression, anxiety, or anything really, that you decide to wear each day, I (and all of your other friends) will always love you endlessly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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