10 Life Lessons That Will Help You Feel More Confident

1. Trust that the past can repeat itself.

Odds are you have figured out what produces good results and what doesn’t. For myself, going out on a limb where I am 75% sure that I will do what is right produces my best results. It makes me just desperate enough to try anything. The problem is that doing this relinquishes my comfort and complacency. The fear of failing wells up and only when I push it aside to work until I fail or succeed does anything of value happen in my life.

2. Many of life’s greatest moments have been from taking the next step.

Don’t wait back and observe many different avenues until you know which one is correct. The planning stage is critical, but nothing will beat action.

3. Understand that you need a game plan that is specific.

Dream about it. Visualize it. Because when the opportunities come along that will align with that vision they will stand out. And when you are ready to take the next leap of faith only you will know if it is right, because it’s all you think about.

4. Relax.

This is the hardest part. Because every venture feels that it needs to be utilized to the max. When that happens it is usually because it is fluid. Not forced.

5. Have your introduction down pat.

Be able to say it when you are sober, inebriated, bored or excited. Most importantly know what not to say about yourself.

6. The startup of you is now.

Rearrange your finances to produce a business input/output scenario. Never ever go into the red.

7. Know when to volunteer.

If you can see a clear and beneficial use then go for it. Otherwise it will leave you tainted.

8. Build up that small nest egg.

The bigger cushion you have the more courage you should have to be able to say “Fuck it.” and walk away if need be.

9. Find a release.

Something that is yours and only yours. I rely daily on an extreme amount of structure. My creativity is allowed to live on in articles such as this.

10. Obey the pyramid.

You can train like an athlete, work like Steve Jobs, or party like a chef, but you can’t do all three simultaneously. You can only pick two at a time. So chose wisely. Always be aware of where you are in that pyramid and ensure that it aligns with your goals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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