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Why You Missed All Of The CMJ Bands You Were Totally Going To See

You might read all of these tweets and status updates and feel excited and attempt to assemble a CMJ ‘plan of attack’ for yourself and your friends. The official CMJ website seeks to facilitate this by implementing a ‘schedule builder’ so that you can put all the bands you are theoretically going to see into one schedule so you will always know where to go for which ‘act.’

The Most Totally Meta Facebook Game Ever

Engineered to lambaste Facebook gaming products as spearheaded by arguably the most popular Facebook game, ‘FarmVille,’ Cow Clicker simply required of players who install the game to click on a picture of a cow, the picture of a cow then appears in the player’s Facebook feed with the notification ‘[Facebook user] is clicking their cow.’

The First Video Game Alts

Two dudes made one of the very first-ever multi-user worlds by hand. They didn’t want to sell things to ‘gamers’ and they didn’t want to wank people’s desire to be a Lord High Elf or a Mr. Troll Man or whatever it is people are told they ought to want to embody today if they are ‘nerdy’ enough, ‘lol,’ whatever.

Charles Bock’s NYT Review Of Richard Yates Seems Angry, Factually Inaccurate

It might seem petty to vocally lambaste Bock’s assertion that ‘the celebrity monikers are presumably screen names’ [re: main characters Haley Joel Osment and Dakota Fanning], but even an amateur blogger or casual internet user should immediately be aware that this is not the case. The last time the phrase ‘screen name’ was relevant was on AOL [circa 1992-1998ish].

All the Video Game Consoles I’ve Ever Owned in Chronological Order, Pt. 3 of 4

Most people will say ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the bestZelda’, possibly they will say it was ‘the best video game of all time.’ Those people are totally entry-level or confused by nostalgia. A Link to the Past is the best Zelda, and the best video game of all time [being pretty ‘objective’, using general standards & not my ‘personal faves’] is probably Castlevania Symphony of the Night or Super Metroid.

All the Video Game Consoles I’ve Ever Owned in Chronological Order, Pt. 2 of 4

Feel like Sonic is probably living off of royalties in a really humble apartment somewhere routinely dressing in 1980s-style exercise clothes [primary-colored gym shorts with ‘piping’, matching wristband and sweatband set] despite being inactive; he eats bran flakes in his kitchen and reads the paper, smokes cigarillos guiltily, is surly at articles about Mario’s success.

All the Video Game Consoles I’ve Ever Owned in Chronological Order, Pt. 1 of 4

I was apparently a two to four year-old fixated on playing a game called ‘Juggles House’ on Atari. Similarly vague visual memory permits the intrusion of a large black shape, the integration of stark red branding. To a modern individual Atari is not a ‘console’ but a brand, having been in recent years cannibalized, gutted and made ‘for all intents and purposes’ into a software distributor by a faceless and likely oblivious French corporation called Infogrames.

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