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Letter From The Modern-Day Courtesans

Thank goodness we came along, though. We, with our black nails, our strange hair, and our luscious mouths, the ones you had admired guiltily in our pictures without wanting your girlfriends, your wives, to know. We are the women that tended and inspired you. We were ‘there.’ When you could talk to no-one else, we were ‘there.’ You didn’t know what you would have done otherwise.

How To Procrastinate

Here are some ideal and field-tested tactics by which to engender procrastination yourself, to improve  the quality of various modular elements comprising your life, or to aid the curious interested in experiencing that singular last-minute ‘fuck fuck fuck I’m fucked.’

Ancient Computer Games I Have Loved

In the current gaming climate, people might mean any number of things when they say ‘I play computer games.’ They could be playing World of Warcraft or like Starcraft 2 or something, they could be playing independent Flash games on some media hub, they could be playing FarmVille on Facebook, or stuff like that. Or they could own a sweet high end PC and be playing stuff like Crysis or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or something.

The Different Types Of Comments People Leave

However, a significant portion of the time, users leave comments that are purposeless, annoying, inexplicable or destructive in a way that makes all readers of a given article feel that their collective intelligence is being somehow demeaned. To exacerbate the problem, these useless comments are fairly predictable and formulaic, a fact that seems to escape their militant deliverers.

Why You Should Watch Labyrinth Over Again

All I caught at the time before my parents took me home post-dinner was the part where Sarah has to cross the Bog of Eternal Stench and nearly falls in – and I was properly terrified. Like, kept up at night terrified, a wide-eyed and sheet-clutching adverse reaction. Which meant, of course, I had to see the whole thing.

A Guide To Being a Total Creepster

Arrive alone at a party that you ‘just kind of heard of’ even though no attendee specifically invited you. This way, when people welcoming you make casual conversation to the effect of ‘so who do you know here tonight’ in an attempt to determine their own potential connection to you, you can respond evasively or turn the question back around on the asker.

What Sonic The Hedgehog Is Doing Now

It is 11 AM and a program where people from Middle America enter a television courtroom to hash out embarrassing problems before a stern but compassionate judge is on. Sonic The Hedgehog does not appear to be engaged, but Tails knows it is preferable to primetime, when Sonic The Hedgehog would have been privy to a number of advertisements for Microsoft Kinect that show people running in place, very fast, in front of their TVs as a method of playing a video game.

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