All the Video Game Consoles I’ve Ever Owned in Chronological Order, Pt. 4 of 4

Nintendo DS

When you see some bratty kid throwing a fit on the subway, requesting gifts in the line to a store, or when you see a parent saying ‘if you don’t behave yourself we are not going to Toy Story 3D’, that child probably is the owner of a Nintedo DS in poor condition, likely with stylus missing + screen covered in fingerprints.

Wish every person had a Nintendo DS, would be fun if it enjoyed the same kind of prevalence as ‘smartphones’ since re gaming it is just as interesting/versatile. Love playing Pokemon on it. Currently most relevant devices feel obligated to provide a ‘touch screen’, seems like DS was the first to really demonstrate the viability of touch input on a wide scale resulting in tens of millions of units sold.

The U.S. doesn’t receive as many DS color choices as the Japanese market, portable gaming culture is far more common in Japan. Sometimes there are ‘limited edition’ DS units sold ‘branded’ with a particular highly-anticipated release, some artists out there do ‘designer detailing’ to people’s DS, think it lost an opportunity to be a ‘fashion statement.’

Seems I have less ‘personal sentiment’ regarding the DS than in other ‘platforms’ discussed in this chronology, but I think that might be like a ‘testament’ to its permanent home in the world of gaming, like it’s something most people seem to ‘just have’, possibly something necessary to daily life/entertainment that lends itself to be taken for granted like a toothbrush.

I usually have to buy a new toothbrush when I travel somewhere because it is such a common daily object that it seems easily forgotten. Never have forgotten my DS.

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