All the Video Game Consoles I’ve Ever Owned in Chronological Order, Pt. 3 of 4

Sega Dreamcast (1998-????)

The Sega Dreamcast is a console that has only a small handful of ‘exclusive’ games [that did not appear at any point on other platforms’]. It is the console that prompted Sega’s exit from the console market. Possibly because of consumer goodwill + Sega’s ‘brand equity’ up to that point + sheepthink, the Sega Dreamcast has become equivalent to a deity to fans of video games.

It is pretty much the automatic ‘correct answer’ to the question ‘what is the best video game console ever’, despite the fact that if all the people claiming that the Dreamcast was the ‘best video game console ever’ had purchased one/had one purchased for them by their parents, it wouldn’t have ‘fucking tanked.’

Anyone publicly asserting ‘the Dreamcast was a pretty good console, but not an outstanding one’ will provoke a firestorm of controversy approximately half of which is perpetuated by anonymous internet denizens who were four years older or less when the Dreamcast was released.

Played Soulcalibur and Dead or Alive on the Dreamcast, so pretty much the console’s most notable achievement in the context of this personal chronology is ‘formed intro to breast physics/potentially underage pantyshots appearing in fighting games.’

Today Sonic the Hedgehog spends a lot of time on forums looking at Dreamcast hardware, possibly active in a ‘mod’ community, leads forum threads about ‘bringing back the Dreamcast.’

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  • tracy morgan

    i haven't read this, yet, but the homepage makes it look like 'all the boyfriends i've ever had, part x of n' is by leigh alexander, which, having read the previous two 'videogame consoles,' i was really excited for, but obviously leigh alexander is way too busy playing videogames to have boyfriends, so here we are.

    • tracy morgan

      also that last paragraph under n64 is pretty freakin' gutsy

      • BIB

        Tracy Morgan reads Thought Catalog?

      • tracy morgan

        someone had already taken 'wesley snipes'.

  • Molly Oswaks

    None of what you said makes any sense. Did the fact that both Leigh and Lesley are writing serial pieces confuse you?

    • tracy morgan

      lady broseph, go look at the homepage, and look at how it's aligned in columns. if the top name for the first article on the left is cut off, the name between the two articles could ostensibly refer to either article, if you had no foreknowledge! this is why i thought that.

  • Morgan

    What about Shenmue for Dreamcast?

    • mario

      'jet grind radio'

      • Jim Colns

        'Crazy Taxi'

      • BIB

        House of the Dead

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