All the Video Game Consoles I’ve Ever Owned in Chronological Order, Pt. 3 of 4

Sega Saturn (1995-1997)

Don’t have a lot of memories of this console. Seems like it was pretty sweet, especially for people who wanted to play weird games from Japan involving robots and/or anime girls crying plaintively. When I try to think about what it ‘felt’ like to play, I recall that the Sega Genesis had something of a ‘sluggish’ feel to its control pad and that the Saturn’s was even worse.

I played a lot of Panzer Dragoon on the Sega Saturn. Seems like you are pretty much a dork if the first time you heard the word ‘panzer’ did not have to do with World War II but instead had to do with a video game about flying on a dragon to battle larger dragons that didn’t really look like dragons. Remembered learning about German tanks in school and going, ‘oh, Sega Saturn.’

The family dog Kona chewed the plug off the Sega Saturn. The hardware was not ‘modular’, so the plug could not be easily replaced. It seemed frustrating to have a fully operational piece of hardware that nonetheless could not be operated simply owing to a cord. Learned then that game companies make hardware sometimes ‘really fucking not user-friendly/able to be repaired easily’ because they don’t want people opening it up/hacking it.


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