The 10 Best Feelings Ever

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1. Peeing just in the nick of time

“AHHHHH…” That’s how it feels when you get to pee right before your bladder’s about to explode. That sigh of relief just automatically comes out!

2. Scratching that itchy part

THAT itchy part. This is particularly hard when you’re in a public place and trying to find a way to get rid of the itchiness in unreachable parts of your body without looking like one of the flash mob dancers starting the show.

3. Unhooking your bra

Well, apparently, this applies only for girls, or men who just love wearing bras like us girls do! As much as we want to go around town with the comfort of not wearing any bra, we can’t (or we’d rather not). But as soon as we get home and get to unhook that bra and let them free…it’s such a nice feeling!

4. Drinking a cold, refreshing water after that dehydrating activity

Working out? Jogging? Or probably walking under the extreme heat of the sun (especially to those who live in really hot countries)? The best feeling would be drinking some thirst-quenching cold water!

5. Cleaning your ears

I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who closes their eyes and enjoys every bit of the ear-cleaning sesh going on between your ear and that cotton bud.

6. Waking up from a lovely dream

I mean one of those really good dreams you actually get to finish. Not the ones that get interrupted by your mom, roomie, or alarm clock in the very crucial moment when you’re about to kiss your one true love. Dang.

7. Having a long, undisturbed shower

YASSSS. Having that shower when you don’t have to hurry is one great feeling considering that this is when you usually get to think about your future, the things you want to happen in your life, your hopes and dreams, and YOUR CONCERT VENUE.

8. Being able to eat the food you’ve been craving for for yearssss

Have you ever craved for something and won’t get satisfied until you have THAT? This happens to everyone, but it happens more to girls, according to some study (jk, but might be true idk lol). This is so agonizing and it’s so weird that you don’t feel full unless you have it. I often crave for unripe mango or street food!

9. Unexpectedly seeing someone you like

Especially when you’re in your best outfit, with perfect hair and when you’re looking less weird and he looks at you just like this OH GODDDDDDDDD LEE MIN HOOOOOOOOO.

10. Seeing that red Volkswagen

I have a friend who has this myth about seeing 100 Volkswagen cars, and after you see 100, the first person of the opposite sex in green is your soul mate. Kinda sounds silly, but it’s actually entertaining, especially when you’re going on a long and tiring road trip. So my friends are used to the fact that I almost always scream whenever I see one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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