6 Reasons Why Being Unemployed Sucks

Armin Sestic / (Shutterstock.com)
Armin Sestic / (Shutterstock.com)

I graduated more than three months ago and am still seeking my first job. It basically sucks. These are the things that make me more and more anxious as the days of my unemployment pile up:

1. I thought getting hired was easy.

“Confident.” That’s how you could have described me three months ago. I was going to graduate, and then I’d probably rest for a while, then start looking for a job, and then easily find one. Well…

2. It wasn’t easy.

Apparently, I was wrong. I thought jobs that suit me (or jobs that I would love) can be found around the corner and are waiting for me to apply, but they’re not!!!! And so…

3. I get pressured.

As much as I didn’t want to pressure myself about this, I can’t help it. Especially when I know about how my parents really expect me to have a job as soon as possible, though they don’t really say it out loud, but I know they do (I can feeeeel it). Another thing is that…

4. Almost all my friends already got hired.

Either that, or they’ve been working for quite a while already, and I’m here having the time of my life, chilling. It makes me feel hella anxious when my friends with whom I go job hunting start leaving the hunt one by one, taken by the companies where they applied. I’m genuinely happy for them—about as much as I’m worried for myself.

5. I’m running out of jobs.

I’m not literally running out of jobs, but running out of a job that I know I am capable of and for which I’m best qualified. Or probably just because…

6. I’m choosy.

I don’t mean to be; I just wanted to have the best job—especially for my first one. But at the same time I hate being choosy. But then again, I think I still need to be choosy. Then again, I can’t choose which way to feel about the fact that I’m choosy. AGHHHHHH!!

Well, that’s about it (with the ranting). This whole current waiting period I’m going through, despite its frustrations, still teaches me a few things that I’ll remember my whole life, especially in chasing my dreams. I shouldn’t be complacent; I should enjoy what I’m experiencing every day, and I shouldn’t stop looking forward to a new day with a whole lot of opportunities. The main point is, REJECTION SHOULDN’T STOP YOU FROM MOVING FORWARD. Yasssssssss! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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