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The Importance Of Forgiving Shame

“They say shame controls every aspect of human behavior. It’s about who we believe we are. But in the end, you cant hide and the body doesn’t lie. The truth is right for the world to see. Our shame can choke us, kill us. It can rot us from the inside, if we decide to let it.” – Meredith Grey

The Importance Of Change

This variable we know as change cannot be feared, because it is the thing that takes us to freedom. It takes us to the place where blossoms bloom out of our own souls dark places.

To All The Parents Who Do It Alone

Thank you to all of the parents who do it alone, who teach humanity each day more about love. Thank you for being the people in our worlds who display vulnerability and make it beautiful. Thank you to all of the single mothers and fathers who show up for their bad days, representing humility and human nature.

How I Fell Out Of Love

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to fall in love. Maybe not with a person, maybe we are just hopelessly open to any object that will attempt to fill us up.

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