This Fall I Will Let Things Change

woman standing in brown field while looking sideways
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This fall I will let things change.

This fall I will let things go, just as the branches let go of their leaves.

This fall I will give myself permission to be whatever color is authentic to my soul.

This fall I will let myself exist, take up space, and flow like the rain on the side of the sidewalks.

This fall I am going to embrace every inevitable thing that presents itself; I am going to trust the things that happen.

I will let myself come to terms with who I really am, who I am truly designed to be. I will let myself fall, move, let go, and transform as many times as I need to. I will allow myself to let go with grace while simultaneously acknowledging the pure strength that fills my bones.

I will allow myself to change with the wind just as the leaves, knowing just how purposeful my evolution actually is.

I will let go. I will allow things to flow; I will not be resistant. 

This fall I will learn to embrace all types of weather and all of its glory, everything it has to offer and teach me.

This fall is unlike other falls I have endured. This fall is different. This fall is more progressive, more enlightening, and beautiful change is on the horizon.

This fall I am delighting in the magic happening around me, seeing things differently, and finally giving myself permission to just be.

This fall I am going to honor myself best by delighting in the change rather than trying to avoid it.

This fall I am choosing to soak it all in, embrace the movement, and get in touch with parts of myself that I have been ignoring for too long.

This fall I will let things change, I will let them go, and I will let them become. TC mark

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