It’s Time To Let Myself Be Happy

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It’s time I let myself be happy, to give myself permission to feel joy and be okay.

It’s time I let myself be happy, to let go of everything and everyone that does not empower my own greater good. To say goodbye to everything that does not lift me, everything that does not support my glow.

It’s time to let myself feel better, to do things that make me feel my best without feeling an ounce of guilt for it.

It’s time to put myself first; to dive into the depths of what it really means to be this human that is inside of me, screaming to come out.

It’s time to take the path of least resistance, to allow for movement and to make space for the flow of how things are supposed to be.

It’s time to rewire my brain, to replace damaging thoughts with healing ones. To tell myself nice things about the woman inside of me. To embrace my own evolution.

It’s time to identify my own toxic patterns and all of my self sabotaging tendencies, to really cut the bullshit.

There is no reason to procrastinate happiness. Happiness does not belong to the future, nor does it belong to the past. Happiness does not cling to the worthy while it dismisses the unworthy. Happiness has no bounds, it is not selective. Happiness is progressive. It’s now and it moves onward, to the future. Happiness belongs to every single person that claims they are worthy of it, that they deserve it.

Happiness is simply giving yourself permission to feel the absence of ache and all things stagnant, to delight yourself in joy- even if it’s mundane.

It’s time to let myself be happy. To set new intentions. To lose. To gain. To become. And to actively work to befriend my own worthiness.

I deserve to be happy. We all deserve to be happy. TC mark

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