Read This If You Struggle With Not Having Control Over Everything

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Having control over every little thing in your life is comfortable. Being able to anticipate the outcome of things, have power over every relationship, and completely predict that future leaves little room for the unknown – humans feel cozy when they have authority like that.

I was questioning my own behaviors the other day and I was trying to dig deep and get to the bottom of my need to control every detail of my life.

Here’s what I thought: the quality of our life is dependent upon (the success of) all of the things we try to control.

Here’s the truth: the quality of our life is dependent upon how we feel about all of the things we can’t control.

Let me say that again:

The quality of our life isn’t dependent upon all of the things we try to control, but rather how we feel about all of the things we can’t.

We can obtain power in our lives by managing our emotions, surrendering to the futures untold story, and by focusing on the things we do have control over.

We might think we know how things should be, but we really don’t. We might feel like we should be somewhere we aren’t, but we don’t know that.

There is a much more peaceful life for ourselves on the other side of control. There is a life designed for our greater good when we move past our need to control things and move into a place where we simply just want to live through them.

If we want to fully live our lives, we have to allow ourselves to do that. We have to let things be. We have to give up our control. We have to let things happen in their own time. We have to trust our story. We have to have faith in our plan. We have to stay close to ourselves and our most raw intentions.

We have to let things move when they are ready to move. We have to let things go when they are ready to leave. We have to welcome things when they want to show up. We have to live moment to moment. We have to put down our need to know everything.

When we lose our war with control, we win our lives back – the life we are actually supposed to be living. TC mark

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