Don’t Forget To Trust Your Plan

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Regardless of what you believe in, may it be a God, entity, Jesus Christ himself, or Buddha, don’t forget to trust your plan.

Don’t forget that humans need to practice faith, regardless of the form. We need to remember that sometimes in life things don’t make sense, they hurt, they feel out of place. We are not here to have everything figured out at all times, that is why it is important to trust your plan.

Remember that you are small. Remember that your plan requires you to go through a process. Your plan is a process.

Remember that some things require time, some require space, and some need to organically evolve to be what you need it to be.

Some things have to be one way in order for it to exist another way in the future.

Some things have to feel messy in order for us to gain the tools we need to know how to clean it up.

Some things need its own solitude to discover every ounce of wisdom needed.

Absolutely every situation you are in right now is part of your plan, it’s part of your process. Every hardship you are facing and every ounce of pain in your heart and ache in your bones is part of your plan and your process.

How you are learning to heal, how you are learning to change your self sabotaging tendencies, how you are learning to cope, how you are learning to create boundaries, how are you learning to detach, and how you are learning to progress is all part of your process.

I think it’s important that we remember we have a plan. There are better days ahead, there is clarity in our future, there is peace in our tomorrows, and there is a life that we are living right now that is preparing us for something greater than we can imagine. We have to trust that. We have to have faith. We have to guide ourselves towards a place that feels better. Remember to trust your plan. Remember to trust your process. TC mark

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