This Is What Being Rejected Actually Means

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Rejection is my number one sore spot. For the longest time, I let rejection dictate how I felt about myself. The second I would experience loss, disinterest, or any type of rejection I would always feel so unworthy and take it so personally.

One day I essentially broke down the entire process and the entire meaning of rejection. What even is rejection to begin with? Is it what happens when someone doesn’t like you? Is it what happens when you aren’t trying hard enough? Is it what happens when you should do something different or change something about yourself?


Rejection is simply the acknowledgment of misalignment.

When someone doesn’t want to be our friend, or when someone breaks up with us, or when we lose our job, it isn’t because of our weight, hair color, personality, or past mistakes. The rejection that comes from that type of loss is solely admitting that there wasn’t 100% alignment in whatever we were doing. 

You see, when we experience alignment, things feel very easy, positive, in-tune, and there’s a lot of flow present. With alignment comes empowerment, being on the same page as our surroundings, being in sincerity with everything around us and everything in us.

When we start to not be on the same page as someone, like something changes and perhaps our boss is looking for someone with different qualifications, we have a falling out with a friend or boyfriend because we don’t share the same hobbies anymore or maybe they are making choices we don’t agree with, we don’t terminate relationships and situations because of little things like I early stated, they become terminated because things changed and the flow stopped moving.

Our best life happens when we are connected to, on the same page as, and aligned with absolutely everything we do.

We are whole when we are aligned with ourselves.

We are happy and feel love when we are aligned with others.

We are peaceful when we are aligned with our boundaries, energy, body language.

With alignment comes presence and gratitude.

When we aren’t aligned, we feel conflict and unease.

When we are rejected from something, there is no way we were fully aligned with it.

Rejection is the world saying, “this isn’t for you anymore.”

Do not take rejection as a person target on yourself. Rejection is simply a transition, a thing reminding you that there’s something better for you in a different direction in which you are currently going.

Embrace the redirection that only rejection can bring, you are meant for something greater. TC mark

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