Be With Someone Who Can See Your Light

girl with lights, be with someone who sees your light
Allef Vinicius

Be with someone who sees your chaos as art.

Be with someone who sees deep, deep into your soul.

Be with someone whose eyes light up when they see you, like you are the most beautiful masterpiece of them all.

Be with someone who sees your potential every second of everyday.

Be with someone who knows this world is a better place with you in it, and communicates that to you.

Be with someone who never compares you to others and never makes you feel like you have to either, simply because they know you are the greatest.

Be with someone who meets you where you are at, so you never have to abandon yourself to be with them.

Be with someone who actively wants to better your relationship, for they know that if something is not growing then what is it really doing?

Be with someone who cherishes your thoughts, and who is not afraid to share them with the universe.

Be with someone who empowers you to keep going, someone who plants creative and beautiful ideas about your soul inside of your mind so that it is you who can water them.

Be with someone who knows how lucky they are to go to sleep next to someone who adores them like you do.

Be with someone who never makes you feel like life is black and white, someone who helps you navigate and embrace just how colorful it truly is.

Be with someone who never makes you feel less, but rather someone who insists you are always more than you think.

Be with someone who walks into the depth of the ocean with you, someone who refuses to just stay on the shore.

Be with someone who holds your hand as you dance under the moon, someone who even craves to dance with you.

Be with someone who reinforces your enlightened way of thinking, someone who doesn’t feed your old and youthful mindset that doesn’t reflect where you are today.

Be with someone who kisses more than just your lips.

Be with someone who sees all of you, even in the dark.

Out of all of the someone’s you should be with, be with someone who sees your light in this world and far beyond it.

You are magic, pure magic. You can hold all things together and be the birthplace of all that is real and raw in the world. Be with someone who brings your best self out of you, someone who is absolutely enthralled with your messy parts and treats them as if they are your best parts.

Love like this exists. If you haven’t found it, you will. In the meantime, be this for yourself so that when it comes around, it will know exactly how it must be done. TC mark

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You look back and you just feel stupid.
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he never wanted love.
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He only wanted validation.

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