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7 People Share How Sex Broke Up Their Relationship

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Joe desousa
Joe desousa


“Well, it was his first time and he kept trying to put his penis in the wrong place. We had been dating for about 6 months, but ‘it’ was so small and he was so weird about it, we just agreed we weren’t compatible like that.”

— Jessica, 19


“Well, he was Catholic and I was raised Christian. I don’t really buy into the guilt trip they try to sell you when it comes to making love, but you could tell he totally did. One day I took my clothes off in front of him and I swear to God, the first thing he did after he covered his eyes, was go pray in the other room.”

— Kim, 27


“Well he lived with his parents, which should have been the first indication that I should NOT sleep with someone whose mom was watching The Big Bang Theory in other room. She came in to ask a question and there I was, naked on top of her son. Did I mention she was Jewish?”

— Karmen, 24


“I am not down to feel pressured by a man and that’s exactly what my ex did. A man should never make a woman feel unworthy or ashamed for not wanting to share her body. EVER.”

— Alexis, 22


“I was raised Christian and he was raised without identifying with a religion. Which was okay, I thought my family was rubbing off on him and giving him fresh insight- that was until I walked in and my sister was LITERALLY rubbing off on him.”

— Grace, 25


“I feel so embarrassed saying this; one day I just stopped getting hard by her or anything she did. Then it happened again, and again, and again. I tried so hard, so hard.”

— Dustin, 29


“Well, we were already having problems. He interrupted all of our dates to answer calls from his mother, and somehow every time we tried to do anything sexual that is all I could think about. There’s something about already not feeling like a priority, and then mixing that with the image of someone’s mother that just cannot get me wet. That relationship ended real quick.”

— Harmoney, 26 TC mark

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