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22 Important Reminders For When You Feel Stuck

1. You always have the ability to move if where you’re at doesn’t feel good.

2. Saying “no” is your personal right.

3. Happiness and freedom often don’t live in the same spot that comfort and familiarity do.

4. The grass is greener where you water it.

5. Love is supposed to make you expand, not make you feel small.

6. On the other side of growing pain is radiant opportunity and doors waiting to be opened.

7. You are allowed to change your mind as many times as you need to.

8. Sometimes you have to make the wrong choice to know what the right one is.

9. You are not obligated to stay on the same path forever.

10. The plan in your head oftentimes isn’t the one that actually plays out (and that’s okay).

11. Sometimes the end result looks the way you want it to, but the way you get there is different—be open.

12. You aren’t a failure just because something didn’t work out—sometimes that redirection IS it working out.

13. Just because you can’t see it yet doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

14. Thoughts become things, so envision everything you need and want like it’s just a matter of time until you see it right in front of you with your own eyes.

15. You’re always just one minute away from something happening that will influence or change your whole reality. All it takes is a minute.

16. If you do something for yourself or something that you enjoy at least once a day, your days will feel less hard.

17. Where you are right now will not be where you’re at in five years.

18. Forgive yourself so that you can forgive others and forgive others so that you can forgive yourself. All this does is set you free.

19. Boundaries are the thing that will keep you safe and make your world look how you want it to.

20. Sometimes you have to accept things the way they are in order for them to evolve to how you want them to be.

21. Rejection will always be your greatest form of redirection. Trust it.

22. Life still moves even when you refuse to. Dare to keep going.

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