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16 One-Sentence Reminders For When You Feel Alone In Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can feel very isolating for a lot of people and for a lot of different reasons, especially when you’re a young mom. I’m here to remind you that it doesn’t last forever. It’s worth it. There will be a time again when the feeling of loneliness is merely just a memory. Here are 16 of the most pivotal things I’ve learned while being pregnant and feeling alone.

1. People don’t ruin your happiness, your mindset does.

2. People aren’t lying when they say that difficult times make it possible to really see and soak up the joyful ones.

3. Moms are honestly capable of doing anything.

4. Sometimes a sandwich really does cure all.

5. It is absolutely your right to choose people to be in your space that make you feel good.

6. When it comes to your friends and family, it’s the quality that matters—quantity means nothing.

7. You are responsible for changing your environment if you need to.

8. When you’re a mom, sometimes you have to make hard choices and learn to be unapologetic about them if that’s what’s best for you and your family/baby.

9. Not everyone understands what you’re going through and not everyone is meant to.

10. You know who your people are most when you’re creating tiny people yourself.

11. Sometimes (most always) your dogs are the most loyal things in your life.

12. Loneliness doesn’t stand a chance when gratitude is present.

13. Sometimes your mind tricks you into thinking things are a lot worse than they actually are.

14. Even when you feel your worst you are not unlovable, your value is a constant.

15. Nothing will ever be more important than the life you create inside of you and the life you create for yourself on the outside.

16. Your life goes by so fast and the times you feel your worst go by even faster.

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