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I Hope You Carry These Things Into 2021

2020 was a real struggle for a lot of people, and for most that would be an understatement. I think everyone has felt deep grief, new kinds of joy, and a lot of change and uncertainty this year. There are a lot of things to leave behind in 2020, but these are the things I hope you carry into 2021.

I hope you carry with you not only the love you found, but the love you created. The bits and pieces where you were reminded of something more. The lyrics to a song. A message from a friend. Even the good news that was followed by the bad. Take with you the moments that reminded you that you were never alone in anything you went through this year, the things that held you together and supported you most.

I hope you carry with you the incentive to slow down, even with the understanding that your life doesn’t ever fully stop even when the rest of the world does. You have a bigger story.

I hope you carry the notion that everything isn’t yours to carry. You aren’t supposed to keep everything you meet. The things that don’t work out how you planned for them to in your head are not meant to make you question your entire existence or make you doubt your plan. Redirection puts you in the right direction always. I hope you carry the belief into 2021 that although you are strong enough to carry anything that weighs heavily on you, you just simply aren’t meant to. Your footsteps are supposed to feel like ease and sound like traveling to better places.

Carry with you the patience and kindness you need to have for yourself in order to move your mountains and enjoy the view.

Carry with you the things that feel good or that remind you that you are worthy of whatever those things are, even if you haven’t touched them yet.

Carry with you the things that will push you forward with radiant momentum.

I hope you carry everything 2020 has taught you into the new year, everything you had to feel in order to go through. The wisdom that comes from the change that bent you, the heartache that broke you, and the yearning to rebuild yourself despite it all. I hope you carry the openness for new things to happen, for better things to become. This is your time to let go and only take with you what’s meant for you now.

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