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8 Things Your Partner Should Be Doing While You’re Pregnant

There are so many different dynamics that affect a relationship while you’re growing a human and starting a new chapter of your life. With that being said, pregnancy can be hard and isolating for a lot of moms, especially during this time. There is a certain tone and way our partners should be supporting us, even if that looks unique or slightly different amongst every couple. Here are eight definite things your partner should be doing while you’re pregnant.

1. They take it upon themselves to be informed with what’s happening inside of you.

They don’t wait for you to tell them the important details—they are asking along the way. They want to be informed when the big appointments are, the way you see yourself finding out your baby’s gender, how you’re feeling week by week, etc.

2. They encourage you to eat the cookie.

No such thing as weight jokes. Weight is not mentioned. They just encourage you to feed the life inside of you.

3. They put aside any expectations of you.

There will be times you feel like you’re failing. Times where you are more tired than usual and physically can’t do the dishes or make dinner even after a five-hour nap. There will be times your mood is all over the place and the only thing you can do is cry in bed. Your partner will never give you grief over the things you once used to be able to do that you currently can’t.

4. They check in with you often.

Pregnancy goes so fast. One week you’re growing a coffee bean and a month later it’s a banana. Your symptoms are always changing. Your struggles are always changing. The exciting things happening inside of you are always changing. Your partner should be checking in with you often to be present for those changes. There’s a lot that happens in between making a baby and delivering one.

5. They let you have the last word.

There is no such thing as arguing with you. If the sky is green, it’s green. If it smells like cotton candy in a room full of cooked steaks, it smells like fucking cotton candy. That’s it. Period.

6. They won’t respond to react but rather respond to be supportive.

They should respond in a way that always makes you feel better leaving the conversation than going into it.

7. They won’t undermine your pain.

They will take your pain seriously, no matter how many times they have heard the same complaint over and over again.

8. They’ll be attentive.

It’s not always going to be convenient for them, but they still cannot make you feel bad for it. You are now the queen of requesting random things at random hours if you need or want it. You go girl!

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