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How To Manifest Your Dream Life Overnight

Your dream life. The one you think about in bed late at night because that’s the joy you need to be reminded of. The life that consists of feeling good, being in a healthy relationship, having friendships in your life that value you. One where your family is financially supported and has everything they need, and one where you’re truly thriving and not just getting up to do the day and be done with it. Your dream life is that thing you yearn for in order to survive the part of your life you’re currently living. This kind of life seems far for some of us, completely out of reach. What if I told you it isn’t, though? What if I told you it’s actually a lot simpler than you could imagine and a hell of a lot closer?

There’s a secret. A theory studied by scientists since the beginning of time, movies about the power behind the law of attraction and prayer, and countless documents and stories of millions of people’s testimony.

Here’s the secret: In order to manifest your dream life, first you have to get very clear about what your dream life looks like.

Intention. Intention, intention, intention. Intention sets the tone of the stage in which your reality plays out.

What do you want? Is it happiness? Is it excitement? Is it change? A big family? To be financially free? To find deep romance? When we make our intentions clear, we open the door to getting where we want to go without attaching ourselves to any specific part of the process or outcome. We know what we want and need, we’re just putting forth the energy we need to get there. When we live our lives with intent, purposeful intention, everything changes. Our body language changes, our relationships change, the way we speak about the things we have and don’t have changes, the entire narrative and perspective we live from begins to shift as our intentions live through us.

Of course, effort is the road we must travel on to get to anywhere worth traveling to. It requires things like hard work, commitment, and time to make some of our biggest things, ideas, and dreams come to fruition—but the first step is envisioning exactly what those big things are. Things always have to be a thought before they can develop into a thing. Thoughts become things. Always.

Think about what moves you. Think about what makes you feel good. Think about how you want to wake up each day. Think about where you want to go. Think about the weather you want to see when you go there. Think about the person you want to become and things you want to provide for yourself, your family, and the world. Get specific with your joys and goals. Write them down. Say them out loud. Be clear. Be intentional. Be purposeful. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, it’s a matter of when.

In order to manifest your dream life overnight, you have to take the time to dream about it. You have to make permanent space for possibility in your mind and let it stay there no matter what. Let your vision move through you in all the ways it needs to in order to become your reality.

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