A Reminder That It’s Perfectly Okay To Feel Hopeless Right Now

This is your reminder that it’s perfectly okay to feel hopeless right now. Times are hectic and uncertain, and everyone is just trying their best to adapt to their new normal without even knowing what that looks like yet. It’s a lot.

This is your reminder that it is perfectly okay to feel hopeless. It’s okay to be unsure, confused, and without answers. It’s okay to harbor your own worries so that you feel brave in front of your children. It’s okay to be open and vulnerable with your sorrow when confiding in your neighbors. It’s okay to spend the few seconds that you have in solitude and dedicate that time to coming undone, to let yourself truly feel the heaviness of what you carry everyday.

This is your reminder that it’s okay to not know where to go from here, to not be able to fathom the future, and to be weary of absolutely everything. You do not have to have everything figured out right now. No one does. Things don’t need to make sense in order for things to keep moving forward. They will move forward regardless—we all will. 

This is your reminder that even if you feel alone, I promise you are not. Pain and uncertainty are only so vividly felt because they are completely universal.

This is your reminder that things are ever changing. Life and every single thing we experience as a human is the epitome of contingent. Things will change. And then they will change again. We will exist in better days, in much easier times. One day you will feel hopeful in the same exact place you felt hopeless, and your view will triumph every challenge of the climb to get there.

Things are allowed to feel messy right now, in complete disarray. You are allowed to be messy right now. You are allowed to lack joy, direction, and hope while simultaneously surrendering to them and the parts that have yet to make sense. Wherever you are, be all there. This too shall pass.

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