5 Things Every Happy Person Has In Their Life

Whole body health has been something I’ve been extremely passionate about. What makes a person happy and healthy? How can we all obtain wellness without having to struggle and fight so damn hard to get it?

Sometimes our brains really do need particular medicines in order to be balanced and work effectively, but aside from our own individual and medical needs we all have five basic human needs that I truly believe we need to ensure we are meeting as well.

I have come to find that every single happy and healthy human practices five particular measures in order to ensure they are checking in with all of their basic needs, which then leads to ease, peace, and happiness.

1. Good Mental Health

When I say mental health, I am talking about our thoughts. What we think about and the thoughts that we create in our minds will either enhance or inhibit how well our mental health is. People who have good mental health know that they control their thoughts, their thoughts don’t control them. People who have good mental health practice redirecting their negative tendencies and the poor self talk. To have good mental health is to have good thoughts about yourself, your surroundings, and even the tribulations you are going through.

Practicing things that could positively impact your mental health could be things such as catching yourself while you are having negative thoughts and finding a way that works best for you to change them and re-wire how you think and put your thoughts together.

2. Good Emotional Health

When I talk about emotional health I am referring to how we are feeling. How we are feeling often reflects what we are thinking and what we are currently perceiving to be happening, but good emotional health could also mean just connecting with others or ourselves on an emotional and in depth level.

Good emotional health looks like connection, it’s being able to bring ourselves to a place of ease and let ourselves stay there for a while. Having good emotional health is feeling okay even if the things around you don’t seem to be. 

3. Good Sexual Health

Good sexual health could consist of sitting naked with yourself or being intimate with someone you love. Having good sexual health is important for our basic needs and is a staple in overall wellness.

4. Good Physical Health

I know there is such a big fitness hype right now (which is great, anything to get people to move their bodies is amazing) but it is so much more than favorite influencers and the best and most expensive apparel. Having good physical health is a fundamental piece when it comes to happiness and overall health. To be able to show up for yourself and to move in any possible way you are able to remind your body that you are here for it and it is alive. To move your body is to give your brain oxygen as well as endorphins, leading to more natural states of happiness.

5. Good Spiritual Health

The last crucial part of being able to obtain a happy and healthy life is to have good spiritual health. Good spiritual health looks so different to everyone.

Having good spiritual health could look like prayer, meditation, looking inward, going to church, whatever it is, having good spiritual health allows us to connect with energy that feels infinite and allows us to be grounded to the earth. To be able to acknowledge our human experience through something that feels much bigger is essential to our happiness and wellness. 

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