January 2019 Full Moon In Leo: Here’s To Moving Forward

January 2019 Full Moon In Leo: Here’s To Moving Forward

There is a full moon in the sign of Leo on January 21, 2019. Not only is this a blood moon, but also a lunar eclipse. The last six months we have all had unique transits all over our charts that are coming to an end, we are being asked to lay things to rest.

Earlier this month we had a new moon in Capricorn and it was also a partial solar eclipse, this moon asked us to plant our seeds. Now we are being asked to harvest them. Earlier this month we focused on curating our new life, forward.

This lunar eclipse takes place in the first degree of Leo. This place is a bit unique because it brings a square to this planet of uncertainty and the utmost change. Unexpected events and news may create uncertainty about the future and you may feel that your attachments are very prevalent in your day to day life. Be mindful of what you are attached to and especially of the outcomes that you are to as well.

This moon you are being asked to let go, to really let go. You are being called to be more concerned with how you are feeling and less concerned with the outcome that you have been planning and anticipating on.

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This is a time to really honor and prioritize you and what you need.

This is a time to be uncomfortable. Only when we’re questioning our lives and uncertain of where we are going do we fluidly allow ourselves to move in the direction we are truly meant to.

This full moon you are being asked to remain close to yourself, to savor your hope and positivity for all of the unknown that is about to come and to really let go of every single that has not been serving you. Let go of every single thing that you are clinging to, especially out of fear.


Have faith.

Move. Don’t stop moving.

This is yet another cycle, another phase, another transition. Bask in it. Offer It gratitude. Learn as much as you possibly can while it’s here. And then when it is ready to change once again, let it.

May you gracefully continue to walk even with you feel blinded by the future and be so rooted in your own being that you know exactly what is meant for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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