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You Are Allowed To Have Needs And Not Be Sorry For Them

You are allowed to have needs and not be sorry for them. Having needs doesn’t make you needy, it doesn’t make you less than, it doesn’t make you annoying, it doesn’t mean you’re high maintenance, it doesn’t mean anything – other than the fact that you are human.

Your needs are one of things that you are completely and utterly entitled to, something that you can be unapologetic for. 

What you need in order to feel safe, what you need in order to feel valued, what you need in order to feel full, are all things that you should never feel sorry for.

You are entitled to whatever your body needs. You are entitled to not only be aware of your needs, but to also demand that your needs be met.

You are the architect of your life. You get to decorate every area you want to. You are allowed to request and need certain things. 

I think sometimes we think that having needs makes us needy, we don’t want to be ‘too much’ for anyone. A lot of the time, we only are aware of what our needs are, because we look and see what our environment is not. We only know what our needs are because we know what it feels like to not have them be met. Due to the nature and ways of understanding our needs, I think sometimes we feel conflicted. We feel conflicted because when we realize what our needs are, often times it disrupts the way things are currently going. When we become aware of our needs, we become aware of what needs to change. When we become aware of our needs our relationships change, our belief systems change, and the way we feel about every little thing slightly changes.

This is not something to be sorry for. 

Meeting your own needs does not deserve an apology.

You have to understand that it isn’t selfish to take care of yourself. It’s not selfish for showing up as is. It’s not selfish for knowing what you need in order to feel your best.

Every human that knows how to honor themselves, knows how to honor their needs – these things go hand in hand.

Get familiar with your needs. Tell your loved ones what they are. The people in your life who are meant to be in your life will find a way to meet them and the rest will excuse themselves, leaving room for all that is meant for you. TC mark

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