How You’ll Handle The Weather This Winter, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Anyone under the sign of Aries is optimistic as well as impulsive, and they believe they can take on pretty much anything and everything under the sun. Aries is a fire sign, they don’t mind the sunshine nor do they fear it by a stretch. This winter, like all winters, they’ll definitely be in the market for new shoes and a new jacket. Chances are if they don’t get new shoes, you may or may not see them attempting to pull off sandals with jeans. Remember that Aries is impulsive, meaning, they wait until last minute to actually get what they need at times – including how to be prepared for the season change.


Everyone knows that anyone under the sign of Taurus likes to shop and spend money on things they hope they’ll eventually need. Their wardrobes tend to be filled with luxurious coats, boots, and scarves. Be prepared to see every Taurus you know surprise you with cute new winter hairstyles and all of the best outfits.


Geminis don’t like the cold in general, but at the same time they really crave social interaction so they’ll handle the weather to keep close to their friends and family. Nothing can keep a Gemini away from the people they love, not even the coldest weather conditions.


Anyone under the sign of Cancer will tell you that they don’t super mind the cold weather. A cancer would rather be colder than steaming hot any day. It’s during the coldest times of the year that Cancerians can mellow out. This weather lets them be cool, calm and reflective. Cancers will spend all day inside by the fire or under a book light and not complain one time.


Let’s face it, any Leo you know LOVES attention. Leo’s like attention so much that they don’t give a f*** about the weather, so long as they are surrounded by people who actually want to be in their company.


Any Virgo will be the first to tell you that it’s important to be very thorough with your thoughts. When it comes to temperature change, Virgo plans ahead. Expect to see all Virgo humans wearing layers of clothes when needed, they checked the weather three times the day before just to be certain of the high and low temperature for that day.


Any Libra will tell you that they pride themselves on their thoughtfulness. A Libra will think forward and expect cold weather, and they will also anticipate other people forgetting about it. Most of the time, Librans wind up carrying the extra coat around, but when someone does need it, they’re proud of their helpfulness.


While everyone else is hating their life and complaining about the cold, Scorpios get excited to see hot weather go. For them, it’s a sign that winter is coming, with all of its festivities and crisp, cold air. They can’t understand why everyone else dislikes wearing comfy clothes and getting all cozy inside all of the time. Scorpios will have their Halloween and Christmas decorations out two months before they have to, they just like it that way.


Anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius is always active, they like movement. They usually like being outdoors but the cold doesn’t affect them for long. Instead of dressing for the cold, they simply need to wear clothes that allow them to remain active, and the chill will not bother them. You’ll see people under the sign of Sagittarius wearing lots of leggings this winter.


Capricorns LOVE the weather app. You will never see a Capricorn accidentally wear a sundress when it’s jean weather. Capricorns are intelligent, they will be aware of the weather of tomorrow before anyone else. If you need to know what to wear for a certain event or just your typical winter day, ask a Capricorn.


Aquarians don’t mind the cold one bit. In fact, they are even the type to make bets with their friends around who can be the longest to turn on the heater in the winter months. Expect to see an Aquarius always dressed in sweats, they are in perma-winter-mode.


A Pisces will spend allllllllllllll day in bed, if you let them. If the weather gets to be so extreme that a Pisces is uncomfortable, they will simply choose to not engage with the discomfort. Pisces typically do not appreciate the cold very much, they’d rather just be buried in a million and one blankets. TC mark

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