At The End Of The Day, We Are All Just Trying To Do Our Best

We need to remember that our best changes from day to day.

Sometimes our best looks like taking a moment to breathe, other times it looks like champagne and brunch. Sometimes our best looks like an emotional breakdown in the shower, other times it looks like success. Sometimes our best is finding the audacity to show up to our own lives, to get out of bed, do our hair, brush our teeth, and commit to trying for one more day. Sometimes our best is giving all of our love and support to every single person who needs it. Our best is contingent, subject to change. Our best is supposed to vary, it’s supposed to stretch to new lengths one day and shrink the next. Our best is only dependent on where we are and where we are is supposed to always be changing, we aren’t supposed to stay the same 24/7 – we just aren’t. 

We have to remove the shame we feel for what we think we should be doing and what we think we should be doing more of. We have to stop punishing our bodies and our minds for being somewhere that we aren’t, somewhere that doesn’t even demand our company at all times. We have to stop constantly finding excuses for us to not fully live right here, regardless of what that looks like for us.

We have to be patient with others. We have to know that their best changes from day to day also. We have to understand that people speak, think, and behave from the most gentle parts of them – and that is always changing.

We have to remember that at the end of the day, we are all just trying our best. We are all trying to exist a little wiser, a little kinder, a little more mindful, and a little better at all times. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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